Ranking The Top 10 Video Game Trailers of 2016

In a year that saw the release of some fantastic games including Doom, Final Fantasy XV, Overwatch and Uncharted 4, there were some great trailers released as well. The following trailers were not only hype inducing, but also just plain fun to watch. All of the trailers in this list make you want to play the game, and at the end of the day, isn’t that the whole point? It was definitely tough to pick the top trailers of the year, but alas, here are the 10 best trailers of 2016.

10) The Last of Us Part II

The trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, released at this years PlayStation Experience, showed off some amazing graphics. The detail and colours are fantastic the whole way through. If anyone had been following Horizon Zero Dawn before the release of this trailer, they would have been impressed with the machines at the center of the game, both aesthetically and in design. The end of the trailer leaves the story wide open, allowing the development team many different possibilities. One thing is for sure, after watching this trailer players will be wondering what to expect. It’s such a new and unique idea for a game that the whole trailer seems to belong to a movie instead of a video game. Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that is set to release on February 28, 2017.

9) Battlefield 1

The music, paired with the stunning visuals on display make this trailer for Battlefield 1 pretty great. Players get to experience what the game was actually like, with the blood and the crisp graphics we’ve come to know from the Battlefield game franchise. The combat takes the players back to World War 1, however, the gameplay looks like it has evolved. With the ability to interact with more vehicles, it looks like modern day graphics meets the real combat, vehicles and guns of the 1900’s. Hell, even the horses are a nice touch. Even though Battlefield was released in October this trailer is a standout for the year.

8) Spider-Man

As the trailer for Spider-Man begins with great narration that has become the standard of Marvel movies and video games alike, Peter Parker shows his humorous side right away. Players get large glimpses into not only the story, which seems to have strayed a bit from the older versions of the game, as well as the style of play. Players see which enemies they’ll get to face and how heavily the game is geared towards combat. I get the feeling that players will feel more like Spider-Man, flying through the air using webs galore, and less like Peter Parker, solving crimes one solved puzzle at a time. Insomniac Games has really done a great job with this series reboot if the phenomenal graphics shown in the trailer are any indication. The trailer is sure to get players excited for the game release which is set for some time next year.

7) Titanfall 2

This multiplayer trailer for Titanfall 2 was released at E3, showcasing all of the work that Respawn and EA put into fixing the problems of the first game. From fluid movement to the action packed gameplay, the trailer illustrates that Titanfall 2 would be the game everyone was waiting for. The graphics are fantastic, and the combat appears to rival that of other massive first person shooters like Call of Duty! Interestingly, while the reveal trailer for Infinite Warfare was heavily criticised, this trailer was met with high praise. In this players get to see some of the new abilities, weapons and customization options demonstrating that Titanfall 2 would have a lot more depth than its original game.

6) The Last Guardian

The trailer for the Last Guardian from PSX is definitely the most emotional of the year, as the story of the bond between boy and animal is heartwarming. Given that we had seen many different trailers before this one, this seemed more polished and illustrated the beauty of the game, both in story and in graphics. The trailer does a great job of pulling players into the game in an impactful way.  In fact, it seemed like I was watching a short of some kind, and felt oddly attached to the main character and those cute baby gryphons by the end of it. While the Last Guardian was stuck in development  for years this trailer gave fans confidence that the game would be great.

5) Injustice 2

The announcement trailer for Injustice 2 is fantastic. The ability to customize characters to better suit player differences is great. The trailer hints that players will have a bit more customization properties for each of the characters,“Every time I enter the pit I emerge reborn.” All of the characters shown in the trailer: Superman, the Flash, Batman, Aquaman and Superwoman appear to evolve and change during the combat and honestly, not one of “costume” changes was disappointing. Maybe I’m a bit biased, as a fan of DC, but there’s no denying that this trailer is among the best of the year! The narration, visuals and overall gameplay all look amazing which gives players a few reasons to be excited about the full game release rumoured for March 2017.

4) Detroit: Become Human

This trailer for Detroit: Become Human makes this game one of my most anticipated of 2017. It is a different concept than most games in the industry, yet shows similarities to the Telltale Series in the how detective skills and choices play into the game. From what is shown in the trailer, the graphics are top notch and the narration is superb. The trailer showcases what looks to be a thrilling story with many different endings. What remains a mystery however. is whether the ending shown in the trailer is really the end of the game, or if it is one of the many events players will have to face. Honestly, I feel emotionally invested in the little girl’s wellbeing already and the trailer was only 4 minutes long! Although there is no specific release date, Detroit: Become Human is rumoured to drop in 2017.

3) Death Stranding

This one is a toss up between the Death Stranding trailers shown at E3 and the Game Awards. Both trailers are equally weird and creepy, yet remain utterly beautiful in design. Both trailers are so intense that it’s hard not to be entirely enthralled in them. They are so intriguing that players are left scratching their heads wondering what will happen and what the game is actually about. Obviously by the name and the amount of dead whales shown, the game is going to be about death, but in what capacity, we will have to wait and see. It doesn’t hurt that the trailers have appearances by Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen either. While there is some time before this game comes out in 2018, I’m looking forward to whatever bizarre trailers Kojima Productions has in store for us.

2) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Revealed at the PlayStation Experience, this trailer was met with a roar of the crowd. Yes, it is a long trailer, but everyone was on the edge of their seats the entire time. Not only does it look great, but when Chloe was revealed, the crowd went wild! The game has been introduced as a standalone game set after Uncharted 4 and will star not only Chloe, but also Nadine as the main characters. I for one, am looking forward to having a badass female protagonist or two! If this trailer, and the previous work of Naughty Dog are any indication, there is no doubt that the game will be just as great as the rest of the games in the Uncharted series.The whole trailer is absolutely stunning, leaving fans wanting more. It will be interesting to see how different this game is from Uncharted 4!

1) The Last of Us Part II

Like a few others on this list this trailer was revealed at PSX. The Last of Us Part II opens with music, and the trailer is raw and emotional the whole way through. Getting to see Ellie playing the guitar with a bloody knife and dead body at her feet at the end is as gut wrenching as it can get. This scene totally sets up the revenge theme of the game. The last little bit of the trailer is haunting, especially when she says, “I’m going to find and I’m going to kill every last one of them.” Boom. That’s all it took to be hooked. Really though, who knew Ashley Johnson could sing? Watching this trailer as it was revealed was amazing to experience as you could hear a pin drop throughout the entire trailer, up until the point where the audience figured out which game it was. Then there was a deafening roar! I, like many others, was totally enthralled from beginning to end. This definitely takes the cake for the best trailer of 2016 as it speaks to the many different layers of the game!
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Daft Punk have made it to the top of the US singles charts for the first time in their career

Daft Punk is finallyat the No.1 position on the US singles charts!

This is the first time for the boys to make it to the top place on the US single charts in their career, and it took them full eight weeks to get there! According to Billboard, their hit single -'Starboy' is No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Daft Punk vs. The Weeknd switched places with 'Black Beatles' by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane. The single is The Weeknd’s third US top single, first being 'Can't Feel My Face' and the second - 'The Hills.'

The first time they ever made it to the list was back in 1997.Their famous single 'Around the World' was No.61, as well as 'One More Time'which was also No. 61 in 2001.

The last time Daft Punk was this high on the charts was back in 2013 with 'Get Lucky;' it made it to No. 2 on the charts.

Kanye West sampled their hit song 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,' which helped his single 'Stronger' to make it to the top of the list.

This is the moment Daft Punk has been waitingfor almost twenty years; it took them only 19 years to come from the No. 61 to the top position!

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J.K. Rowling Sent Harry Potter Books To 7-Year-Old Fan In War-Torn Aleppo, Syria

Bana Alabed, a 7-year-old girl who made headlines because of her tweets about life in Aleppo (that she writes in English), is a big Harry Potter fan. Bana and her mother Fatemah could not find a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in their part of the world after they both watched the movie.

So Fatemah reached out to Rowling to let her know she and her daughter enjoyed the movie, and that Bana would like to read the book. After Rowling’s encouraging reply, Bana asked the author if there was any way she could get her hands on the first installment in the Harry Potter book series.

Rowling wasn’t certain if she could do anything to help them, but her literary agent, Neil Blair came to the idea to send an eBook version to Bana, which would arrive safely regardless of road blocks and conflict. That way the girl and her family, including her two younger brothers, will be able to enjoy the story of Harry Potter.

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Hidden secrets in Disney movies

Disney animated movies always had an abundance of inside jokes and Easter eggs. Some of these “secrets” were the material of fan theories for years. Here’s a few of them that you may have missed…


In 1992’s Aladdin, there’s a character at the beginning  whom you never see again after he introduces the story to the audience: it’s a short, wacky-looking peddler. For years, the fans have theorized that this peddler is actually the Genie (after he’s been set free), as the two characters share some features. But beside both of them having four fingers on their hands and same curly beard, perhaps the strongest evidence is that both characters are voiced by Robin Williams. This fan theory was confirmed in 2015 by the co-directors of Aladdin, Ron Clements and John Musker, so that’s one instance where a fan theory turned out to be true.

The Lion King

There’s an interesting trivia about 1994’s The Lion King. Two of its voice actors already worked together in similar roles before the Disney movie. Namely, James Earl Jones, who provided the voice for Simba’s father Mufasa, and Madge Sinclair, who voiced Simba’s mother, Sarabi. The two have played a royal couple in the 1988 movie starring Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, Coming to America – Jones played the role of King Jaffe Joffer, and Sinclair was his wife, Queen Aoleon. Obviously, Jones and Sinclair make a perfect royal match.


One of the many Disney references that are easy to miss comes on in 1997’s Hercules. While Meg sings “I Won’t Say I’m In Love”, the singing Muses quintet at one point transform into five stone busts, arranged like Grim Grinning Ghosts – the five stone busts from Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride.
Also in Hercules, we’re treated to an unexpected cameo by another movie character. During “Zero to Hero”, we see Hercules overcoming some of his legendary tasks, among others, killing the Nemean lion, a fearsome beast that no man could slay. But if the Nemean lion looks familiar, he should – that’s Scar, the villain from The Lion King. Too bad Mufasa never hired Hercules.

Big Hero 6

A lot of Disney fans may be unaware of the fact that Big Hero 6, a movie made in 2014, featured Marvel Comics characters. The origins of Big Hero 6 are in a comic book that debuted back in 1998, but the most interesting thing about this is that there’s a cameo featuring Stan Lee in Big Hero 6, during the movie’s post-credits scene. For those who aren’t huge Marvel fans, Lee is the co-creator of Iron Man, the Hulk, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four, among others, and has been in almost every Marvel movie since 2000 and X-Men.

Wreck-it Ralph

In 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, there’s an abundance of video game characters and references. Obviously, appearances of Sonic the Hedgehog, King Koopa and Zangief are hard to miss, but there are also references that are hidden better. During the scene where Sgt. Calhoun and Fix-It Felix are preparing to enter Sugar Rush, you can see the graffiti written on the walls have various inside-jokes from games. There’s a tag saying “Sheng Long was here”, which is a reference to Street Fighter II, then “Aeirth Lives”, which, of course, references Final Fantasy VII, and also, there’s the inevitable “All your base are belong to us.”

The reference that stands out the most in Wreck-It Ralph is certainly the one when King Candy wants to hack Sugar Rush’s code. Entering the vault, he looks at the napkin he pulled out that contains these instructions: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start. Anyone who played Nintendo games during the ‘80s will probably know what this is: the “Konami Code,” a sequence of commands that appeared first in 1986 in NES games Contra and Gradius, used to get extra lives and power-ups. The Konami Code later found its way into many games and earned almost a mythical status among fans.

Disney AND Pixar favorite

You might have noticed the appearance of a combination of letters and numbers, A113, in many Disney movies (and all of Pixar’s). To name a few: Meet the Robinsons, The Brave Little Toaster, Lilo and Stich, The Princess and the Frog. The reason is that A113 is the classroom number at the California Institute of Arts, a place where many of the Disney and Pixar animators started out. First-year graphic design and character animation class was held in the classroom A113, and the code also appears in some episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy.
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Artists speak out after reports Kanye West is suffering from 'exhaustion'. Forbes magazine predicted that teh cancellation of his tour would lose him around $10m.

Recent reports on Kanye West state that he has been admitted to hospital due to exhaustion, and musicians are rallying to support the rapper.

After a week of strange behavior during a few of his shows in the US, namely, causing controversy by admitting that he admired Trump’s campaign and leaving another show after only three songs performed, the remainder of West’s Saint Pablo tour has been cancelled.

According to the press, after the news of the tour cancellation, West has been admitted to a hospital on Monday following an emergency services call. BBC announced that the police had received a “disturbance call” on Monday afternoon, and it has been confirmed by the police, although they did not name the singer.

Ever since his stage outbursts started, other artists have stated their support of West, urging people to show compassion to the rapper as he goes through a difficult time.

One such example is Kid Cudi, who was in rehab for suicidal urges and depression. He posted a thank-you message to everyone who kept him in their thoughts during his difficult period, including Kanye.

magazine places Kanye West 11th on the list of highest paid stars in hip hop with $17.5 million earned this year, but they also predict that he will lose around $10 million due to this tour cancellation. According to Fortune magazine, the figure is going to be even higher, as West has reportedly been earning $1.4 million per night just from the ticket sales, so he might stand to lose around $30 million.
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Kanye West sings a few songs, rants against Beyoncé and Jay Z, then leaves angry audience on Saint Pablo tour

Despite the negative reactions he got after he declared his support for the President-elect, Kanye West’s made sure to create controversies once again during his next performance in Sacramento, California on Saturday night.

According to people who went to the concert, not only did West get to the stage more than an hour late, but he also went on a rant about Beyonce and Jay Z, his former mentor and frequent collaborator. There was a series of rambling tirades, some of which included the defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

West only performed three songs during the concert, and ended it with a mic drop, saying: “Get ready to have a field day press because the show’s over.” The crowd then proceeded to boo him.

The only positive thing that fans got from the show was West bringing out Kid Cudi for one of the three songs he performed.

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Asian Movie Market Is Expanding - Through Casting Hollywood Stars

The Chinese blockbusters are made to rival the popularity of their Hollywood counterparts, and as such we’re seeing the expansion of Hollywood star appearances in Chinese movies. It seems the presence of Hollywood faces is necessary for scoring global releases and enchanting international audiences.

Even though China’s box office slowed down somewhat, by 21% during the first half of 2016, the market is still seeing a significant rise when you look at the past five years, and it might be on its way to rival North America for the privilege of being the world’s number one movie market.

We’ve also seen a few interesting purchases from Chinese companies in Hollywood – for example, in 2012 when AMC theater chain was purchased by Dalian Wanda Group, or the purchase of Legendary Entertainment in January.

Despite this, however, the Chinese cinematography hasn’t had much recognition internationally in the recent years. We all remember Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that won a foreign-language Oscar in 2000, but that one was billed as a Taiwanese film. Other than that, only Zhang Yimou’s “Hero” has earned some recognition by being nominated in 2002.

“China wants to export its films to the world — especially the U.S. — as an achievement of its soft power, but no one wants to watch its films,” says producer and director Peter Tsi, who has helmed projects in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. “On the other hand, Hollywood is excited about getting into the China market, but the only way to achieve that is through co-production, and they must find subject matter that can resonate with the Chinese audience.”

Peter Tsi, the producer and director who has helmed many projects in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, claims that China wants to export its movies to the world, but that no one wants to watch them. The problem is solved, however, by working together with Hollywood, which looks to expand to the China market – so co-production is the answer. However, the subject matter of the movie needs to resonate with the Chinese audience.

Still, there are controversies – the latest being the casting of Matt Damon as the lead in “The Great Wall”. Zhang Yimou, helm of the first project that emerged from Legendary Entertainment’s Legendary East, had to defend his decision to cast Damon as he was accused of “whitewashing”. This was Yimou’s first English-language production and it cost $135 million.

According to Tsi, if the Chinese market is to rival the North American and Chinese movies to be distributed internationally, Hollywood stars have to be cast. “The only way to make it work is to arbitrarily cast a Hollywood actor or two so that U.S. distributors and exhibitors might consider screening them,” he says.
Example in point: Stephen Chow’s fantasy blockbuster “The Mermaid”, the all-time highest-grossing film in the country that reached the $500 million box office benchmark only had a limited release in the U.S. with 35 screens under the distribution of Sony.

Even so, “The Great Wall” is hardly the first example of a Western star appearing in a Chinese movie. In fact, what’s being called the “Americanization” of Eastern products began back with the original Japanese “Godzilla” of 1954, when a segment starring Raymond Burr was edited in and later introduced to American audiences, in 1956, as “Godzilla: King of Monsters!”

In more recent years, Hong Kong led the trend in early 2000s. In a Hong Kong action blockbuster of 2000, “Gen-Y Cops”, Paul Rudd was cast as an FBI agent. The movie was produced by Hong Kong’s Media Asia and Regent Entertainment, and released in 2002 in the U.S. under the name “Metal Mayhem.” Also in 2000, the action triller “China Strike Force” produced by Astoria Films (an American company) and Golden Harvest (Asia) starred Coolio in the role of a drug dealer.

According to Gregory Rivers, the Hong Kong-based Australian actor who’s been working on Hong Kong TV and films for almost 30 years, writers in Asia were not used to writing Western characters into their stories, which lead to many of them looking arbitrary.

Still, for breaking into bigger markets, it became unavoidable for characters of various nationalities to become included in Chinese films. We had Donald Sutherland starring in “Big Shot’s Funeral”, the 2001 Feng Xiaogang comedy which was a collaboration between the Asian department of Columbia Pictures based in Hong Kong and a number of Chinese companies including Huavi Bros.

More and more Hollywood faces have been appearing in Chinese productions in the past few years. Namely, Christian Bale (Zhang’s “The Flowers of War” in 2011), Adrien Brody (Feng’s “Back to 1942” in 2012 and “Dragon Blade” in 2015 alongside Jackie Chan and John Cusack), Mike Tyson (“Ip Man 3” in 2015 in the role of the property developer that had fight scenes with Donnie Yen), etc.

Before “The Great Wall” is released, however, we’ll see what kind of attention the WWII epic starring Bruce Willis, “The Bombing”, will get. Reportedly, the movie had a $90 million budget and was jointly backed by the China Film Group and private investors. Starring alongside Willis is Brody and an ensemble Asian cast with names such as the Korean star Song Seung-heon, mainland actor Liu Ye and Hong Kong actor and singer Nicholas Tse. As for “The Great Wall”, it will be released in China in December, and in the U.S. in February by Universal.

“You want a movie that hits all markets at the same time and so you want to add a Korean or an American in the cast,” Rivers says. “But sometimes it doesn’t work like that.”
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